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November 17, 2022
✨ What’s the Ripple X Fellowship? The RippleX Fellowship is a remote 16-week extracurricular program created for aspiring founders and VCs. Students are taught the intricacies of startup building and venture capital, from customer validation, and term sheets, to fundraising tips. Best part imo, is the incredible community of founders and VCs you’re welcomed into! Our past fellows range from diverse backgrounds– whether you’re a technical builder 💻 interested in developing your business acumen, or an aspiring founder curious about entrepreneurship 💡, we’re excited to meet you! Learn more about the program here . Apply to the fellowship here .  Applications are due Nov 25th, 2022  at 11:59PM EST. 💬 What past fellows have to say… “ If you are paying 30K a year for business school tuition, please get Dom a $3 coffee ☕️ because you can get much more learning, growth, and connections at RippleX.” - Shawn Peng , Co-founder of matterverse "RippleX was a great learning experience. As a founder who raised venture capital (VC) for the first time, I was able to accelerate my understanding of core concepts without being in the VC industry. Since being in the program, I was able to go through Y Combinator and raise seed 💰 in less than 6 weeks. Beyond learning valuable fundraising skills, one of the most difficult experiences as a founder is going on the journey alone. I was fortunate to have met lifelong friends through the program 💗 and continue to pay it forward by being an active mentor/friend to fellow founders." - Lyn Chen , Co-founder of webapp.io RippleX is an amazing program that taught me how VC's work and what they think about when investing. This was incredibly helpful as I'm a founder and currently in the middle of our seed raise. This program set me up perfectly to anticipate what to expect during this funding process 🚀. On top of that Dom, the program manager is always available for questions and to strategize even after the program ends. This program helped me feel prepared to move forward in the founder/funding space. - Madi Rifkin , Founder of Mount For more testimonials, check out our Wall of Love here . 💌 🌱 Fostering the Leaders of Tomorrow Our past fellows have gone on to raise over $50M in venture funding backed by world-class investors. We’re starting to see the “Ripple Effect” 🌊 in motion, and this is only the beginning! That’s all from us now! Should you have any questions about the fellowship programme, reach out to katie@rippleventures.com!
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