Voiceflow makes it easy to design, prototype and launch conversational assistants. Their platform’s goal is to democratize conversational AI so that everyone can easily create conversational assistants across any channel.

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Our Story with Voiceflow

We first met the Voiceflow team through our founder network, funny enough from one of our Fund II founders, Justin Sky of Rose Rocket. The team originally was building a children's story application on Alexa, which we did not invest in because it was out of scope being a consumer product. The founders were hustlers, great at communicating progress with investors (even us outside of their immediate network), and had some really interesting technology.

Eventually, they had grown tired of the tools in their stack to build smart assistant apps, and built their own technology to power their development of apps. That was the birth of Voiceflow, and we had invested immediately after they had showed us their visual low-code conversational AI platform. Shortly after leading the pre-seed round, the founders flew out to San Francisco where we helped make introductions to raise, and they landed with Tony Conrad at True Ventures to help propel the company to the next stage.

Within 1.5 years, they turned themselves into the top platform in building conversational AI apps, working with Fortune 500 companies and even leading to those teams creating job requirements with Voiceflow as a skillset. That's when the team was able to go out and raise a highly competitive Series A with Felicis and Craft, and we've maintained our pro-rata in each round because of the value we've added to the team in operations, fundraising, and sales.

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