Plannuh helps you build and manage marketing goals, plans, campaigns, budget & ROI all in one place for full visibility, efficiency, and agility. With Plannuh's marketing performance management software, you can take full control of your marketing plan and budget in less than a week leveraging the ultimate AI and UI for Marketers. Plannuh empowers you to build comprehensive marketing plans that include goals, campaigns, activities, and programs. You can also track your achievement against both numeric goals and budgetary spending for a true read on your ROI.

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Our Story with Plannuh

We were tracking Plannuh for a year, and had seen their revenue multiply throughout the pandemic and got very excited about working together with them. We had an existing relationship with Glasswing VC, one of their seed investors, who mentioned to us that they were looking to raise a round with a fund that had a complementary network and value-add to existing investors. After a few working sessions with the founders, we found a great fit to work together on this round and help them get to the next stage.

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