Apteo helps e-commerce merchants grow store sales from existing customers through data analytics and predictive insights. Their tool syncs with Shopify, Klaviyo, and many others to analyze customer purchase behaviors to help predict customer transactions (next purchase, churn, etc.) and provide the best channels and marketing to target customers.

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Our Story with Apteo

We first met the Apteo team through our outbound efforts, through our thematic exploration in the data science tooling industry. When we first saw their platform, we were impressed with the net new capabilities and knowledge that could be possessed by users through their intelligent data recommendation and utility features. Over the course of a few months, we were able to see the team’s relentless execution and transparency with us as prospective investors. After a few team meetings in NYC, we were proud to support the company in their pre-seed round as the lead investor. Our house view is that SMEs are increasingly facing common challenges as they try to embrace a data-driven culture. Their e-commerce focused data science platform is uniquely positioned to address many of these challenges e-commerce operators are facing, with significant potential beyond e-commerce as everyone increasingly becomes more data-oriented.

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